The first spark

What is it that entices you to plan a trip? Is it a celebration ( wedding, honeymoon, family reunion, birthday)? Is it getting away from the office, the kids, school, daily life ? Is it seeing a great deal advertised or a recommendation from a friend ? Or is it some combination or other force? For me, I’ve traveled for all of the above reasons but the true guiding force is a wanderlust in my soul. This world we live on is so vast, so beautiful and has so many incredible things to share with us….I want to see and experience all that I can while I can! Hence my tag line…

Life’s too short, buy the ticket!

At any given point in time, I literally have 3-4 future trips all mapped out , either in my head or in black and white. At the same time, the seeds for yet more destinations are floating in my brain. I may be a tad obsessed with planning! Which brings me to my next question. As this blog begins to take shape, what is it that YOU would like to see for content? Are you interested in my planning process? How a trip takes shape, how a dream becomes a reality? Do you want to know the sites and tools I use to plan and book? The tips I’ve learned along the way?

Or would you rather just see photos and commentary on destinations? The sights to see within an area, the restaurants, accommodations etc?Of course having the proper clothing and essentials packed is key to enjoying a trip, so I will most certainly show you some packing tips and what I feel are cute but appropriate travel outfits!

In researching travel blogs and vlogs, one thing I’ve noticed is how many young…and I mean under 30 young, bloggers there are! I think that is absolutely awesome and amazing..makes me wish I had jumped onto this sooner! Yet it also got me thinking that my perspective, as a more ahem…mature traveler may be helpful and interesting to a different target audience. Maybe just maybe there are lots of us so called middle aged folks out there that can relate and take away more from my tips and thoughts than they could from the younger generation. That being said, I truly adhere to the notion that age is a number, do what you want, wear what you want etc…but just an FYI..I won’t be packing or modeling any crop tops 🙂

I think that’s enough for now, hopefully I haven’t bored you to tears. Please follow me and let me know what things travel related you would most like to see! I will leave you with some pics of our last trip abroad to the Andalusia region of Spain. Maybe the next post will take you on that journey?

Flower girls outside a cathedral in Seville before a wedding ceremony.
View of the Alhambra in Granada from Plaza de San Nicolas
The El Tajo de Ronda gorge in the white village of Ronda
Enjoying Plaza de los Naranjos in old town Marbella, Spain

Ciao for now….

PS. Unless otherwise noted all photos are my own 😉

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