Boutique Hotels

Small inventory, design driven, unique hotels with their own character, personality and storytelling at the heart of their concept. 

When I began researching our very first trip abroad, many years ago, I decided that I really wanted our accommodations to reflect the personality, character, and style of the region we were visiting. Now sometimes you can find that with large chain hotels but more often than not they all basically look alike.

I discovered the concept of Boutique Hotels which typically strive to be culturally authentic and provide a more unique personalized experience and I have never looked back! When I’m staying in Italy, for instance, I want my accommodations to look & feel distinctly Italian. I don’t want to feel like I’m in a hotel that I could find in Boston.

What I love about Boutique Hotels

Some travel businesses I have worked with

Boston Event Guide 

Simonton Court Historic Inn & Cottages, Key West FL, USA

The Liberty Hotel, Boston MA, USA

Addison Choate Boutique Hotel, Rockport MA, USA

Casa Tuia Resort, Carvoeiro Portugal 

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Some travelers love familiarity, I thrive on the unique & unfamiliar experience!

- Ann