1. Dhatri Iyer says:

    Awesome post! I would recommend Paros even more than Naxos, maybe you can visit next time! It’s unfortunate that your stay in Athens wasn’t as enjoyable, it’s an amazing city. Loved this!

    • Thanks so much for your feedback! Yes I’ve heard amazing things about Paros and also Paxos! So many beautiful places I’d love to explore. We absolutely loved our time spent in Athens and I plan to write a separate post on all the wonderful things we did and saw. It was only our hotel that was a disappointment..but it didn’t stop us from having a great visit! Thank you again for the support, I really appreciate it! Ciao

  2. Bernie says:

    We love your travel blog. Great articles particularly the ones about Greece

  3. You have a unique way of presenting ideas that makes your writing stand out. I learned a lot from this post. Thank you!

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